About Marisa Scarpino

Over the past 15 years, home buyers and sellers alike have come to know Real Estate Sales Representative Marisa Scarpino as "The one who gets the job done."

Marisa's first step towards getting it done is to listen well, and understand exactly what her buyers and sellers want and need. Then she channels her seemingly limitless energy, enthusiasm, area knowledge, and over 15 years of experience in the field into turning her clients' real estate goals and dreams into reality. Marisa's dedication to customer satisfaction, her fun personality, her take-charge attitude, and her drive to succeed soon turn clients into friends.

They know she's going to get the job done for them, and that she won't let her own goals compromise their best interests. Her clients know they can trust her to tell it like it is, even when it's information they'd rather not hear. Of course, her ongoing community involvement, reputation, and networking skills are a benefit to her buyers and sellers. When her clients come up against real estate issues or conflicts, she knows exactly who to contact and where to go for a successful resolution. Given her commitment, it is no wonder Marisa’s skills have been formally recognized through various industry awards.

When Marisa takes a little time off, you'll find her enjoying time with family, most likely on another world-travelling adventure. When it's time for you to purchase or sell your home, call Marisa Scarpino- the one who gets the job done!